Chitrashaala 2024 - The International Art Residency

INDIA is living in intense, creative times of change & energy. Where is the brand which would fully reflect these rich times? What is LUXURY in India today? Could it be a new type of luxury with roots in both yesterday and tomorrow? What if the ultimate luxury was about Connection to the Soul?

We believe a new star is born in India, which expresses its spirit through ART, as a bridge between cultures, regions and times. Aspiring to provide new experiences through which art is found not only within the hotelier’s craft but also through REINTERPRETATIONS of classic designs by modern artists The new Brand seeks to offer international five star standards infused with ‘SPIRIT of India’ expressed by Indian Art as well as the reinterpretations of rituals as ‘Art of hospitality’.

The changing time is magnified as an ‘Artist-Hotelier’s’ evolving vision, thanks to the talent & voices of seasonally showcased local artists. We aspire to offer a feeling of ‘home to the soul’ thanks to NEW PERSPECTIVES on Indian art and beauty and perpetual reinventions of traditions in a kind of ‘bridge’ through time. Chitrashaala is an annual endeavor jointly hosted by jüSTa Hotels & Fashion Designer Deepika Govind where artists from across India and the world come together.

Chitrashaala 2024 believes that artists can contribute to making this world a better place with their creativity, energy, focus, and freedom. It plays an essential role in providing local and international artists with exposure to a capacious array of artworks, styles and forms, hence enabling them to express their fondness for art freely and creatively. The mufti-disciplinary environment of this art residency encourages artists to assess their work from a new and contrasting perspective. The program is an attempt to build a credible cultural dialog among artists from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds through an enriching reciprocation of artistic ideas.

Event DATE

12 - 19 February, 2024

Event begins at 10:00am


jüSTa Birding Resort & Spa
Indrunag, Near Paragliding Point Tahu, Chohla,
Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh


Artists are attending this residency and still counting...


Partcipating Artists


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jüSTa Birding Resort & Spa

Indrunag, Near Paragliding Point Tahu, Chohla, Dharamshala
Himachal Pradesh